USS Worcester

 CL-144 -- 1948 - 1958

Models of the USS Worcester

There have been two large models build of the USS Worcester and a few commercially available resin models made available.

The builder's model of the Worcester currently is on display in the Cold War Gallery of the National Museum of the United States Navy located in the Washington Navy Yard in Washington DC - The model was built by New York Shipbuilding Corporation in Camden, NJ as a part of the contract to build the Worcester. When I photographed the model it was in a glass case and that has affected the photos. The museum was getting ready to relocate the model to the Cold War Gallery from the main gallery of the museum. I have uploaded these photos to the Models of the USS Worcester photo album on this site.

The other large scale model of the USS Worcester was built by Jeff Leidner. The model is approximately 6' in length and is very detailed. Jeff presented it to the Association's member at the reunion in 2003. The members are very appreciative of the time and effort that Jeff put in to building such a beautiful model of the Worcester. The model currently resides at the Military Sea Services Museum in Sebring, FL (Military Sea Services Museum). Sadly, Jeff passed away in 2013. The photos I have of this model are also uploaded to Models of the USS Worcester photo album.

There have been a few commercially available resin model of the Worcester available over the past several years. The only one still in production that I am aware of is from It is a 1/700 resin model kit. I am trying to build this model and will upload photos when available.